Underground River

Package Tour

The Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR) Package Tour

Most travelers choose the guided Underground River Tour. This shall be booked ahead since a visiting Permit from the Underground River Office must be released for every cave visitor. The Underground River can only accommodate 900pax/day. In peak-season days (November-April) the Underground River can be fully booked.

Additional Guidelines
We recommend to bring the following items with you: comfortable swim attire, flipflops, sunblock & lotions, towel and camera.

The Journey
The travel time form Puerto Princesa City to Sabang is around 1 1/2 hour – 2 hours
Almost all the roads going to the Underground River is cemented. There was, however, a five minutes drive on rough road. The Guide joked that it was designed that way so that the tourists can get a 5 minute massage during the tour.

If you’re a nature lover, try not to sleep during the trip because the scenes are great! Lush forests, mountains covered with forest , mountains made of limestone etc.

The Ugong Rock
Optional Activity on the way to the Underground River during your Tour
If you’re up to some adventure, try this side activity. However, not all tours have this side activity. Ask your Guide regarding this side activity. The Ugong Rock is one of the many limestone formations in Tagabinet Village. It’s called “Ugong” or humming because when you tap the formation, reverberating sounds will be produced around the caves.

“Its main treat is an easy, rope assisted climb thru the inner anctrum of ancient stalactites” (Puerto Princesa Pamphlet, ABS-CBN Foundation, Inc. Bantay Kalikasan – Bayanijuan). It’s an easy climb because aside from the wooden stairs and ropes that will help you climb up, the Tagabinet tour guides will assist you as much as they can. One of our tour guides even went to an extent where he used his body parts such as his knees for tourist to step in to, to make the climbing down easier.

Reaching the top of the formation was very fulfilling, the scene there was amazing, a panoramic view of the Tagabinet Village. If you’re up to a challenge, an adventure, some spelunking, and climbing, then don’t miss this activity!

Buffet lunch at Sabang
The Buffet Lunch which is part of the tour was alright was very good. Several variaties from Meat, Seafood to vegetable were served. Perfect for a hungry stomach especially when you’re fresh from climbing Ugong rock.

Sabang Beach
After the Lunch, you’d have to wait for your group’s turn to head to the Underground River. If it’s peak season, expect to wait longer. But no worries because in front of the Restaurant is the beautiful Sabang Beach.

The Underground River
From the Sabang wharf, you guys will be taking a boat to the Underground River Park. There are monitor lizards or “bayawak” and many many many monkeys in the park. Don’t show the monkeys any food, they are really aggressive! During our stay there, 2 tourists were scratched by them. But if your food free, you don’t have to worry, they won’t mind you. 

At the park, if there are lots of visitors, you’d have to wait again. Use this time for pictorials. 
If it’s already your turn for the tour, you’ll be riding a paddle boat for the entire tour inside the cave.
One word: Amazing! It will make you drop your jaws but try to avoid doing this if you don’t want to taste bat poo. 

Without the boatman’s flashlight, there is 0 visibility in the cave. But don’t worry, the flash light is turned on at all times inside the cave. The boatman is also the tour guide inside the cave. Our boatman was the best, he’s really really really funny. But it’s really hard to laugh without opening your mouth so every now and then I had to remind myself to shut my mouth, Bat Poo alert. No words can describe the experience, so what I can suggest is just try it for yourself! Our favorite part of the cave: The Cathedral!

The tour inside the cave will take around 45 minutes.

Usual Itinerary
07:00 – Pick up at Accommodation in Puerto Princesa Proper
09:00 – Stop over at Ugong Rock (optional tour)
12:00 – Arrival at Sabang, Lunch, Free Time
14:00 – Departure from Sabang Wharf to Underground river Park
16:00 – Departure in Sabang
17:30 – Arrival in Puerto Princesa

This is only an example. Itinerary may vary due to the given visiting hour on the Permit.

For groups above 12 please contact us directly thru info.undergroundriver@gmail.com