Island Hopping

Tour D

There’s no shortage of scenic views when you go on the El Nido Island Hopping Tour D, which takes you to the island which bears the highest peak in El Nido. Cadlao Island is where you’ll find a towering peak of 609 meters above sea level. It’s doesn’t only have the tallest, but also the widest. It’s actually the biggest island in El Nido, spanning over 1,000 hectares. And as you can imagine, it’s gifted with lush forests, powdery beaches, and mesmerizing lagoons such as the Cadlao Lagoon, which is a beach, lagoon and snorkeling spot rolled into one.

The other attractions that you’ll visit on the tour are equally attention grabbing. Be sure to take lots of snapshots while you’re at the Bukal Island, Ipil Beach, Nat-Nat Beach and Paradise Beach.


Tour Rates

Usual Itinerary
09:00 AM : Pick up at Accommodation in El Nido Town Proper
09:30 AM : Island Hopping
12:00 PM : Picnic Lunch
01:00 PM : Island Hopping
04:00 PM : Return to El Nido Town Proper
* Time may vary

For groups above 12 please contact us directly thru
Note: El Nido Eco tourism Fee of PHP 200 / Person is not included.
This is a mandatory Fee paid once for all tours occurring within 10 Days.