Learn More About the Mangrove Forests of Sabang

Any seasoned traveler knows that the main tourist attraction isn’t always what would make your vacation worthwhile. Sometimes, the underrated tourist spots are the ones that would provide the best kind of experience.sports74.ru

In Sabang, Palawan, the Puerto Princesa Underground River tour is the highlight of any trip to this place. But you have to know, Sabang has many other precious hidden gems tucked within its thick jungles. (Link the word precious hidden gems to the Hidden Gems article)Воробей

One of these is the Mangrove Forests of Sabang. The Mangrove Forest Paddle Boat tour is a community based ecotourism project, which takes you on a 45-minute tour through the Sabang River to give visitors a close look at the old-growth mangrove forest. These mangrove trees are centuries old, and they’ve been left unspoilt and free of human manipulation since time immemorial.

A great thing to love about this place is that it’s not crowded at all. It would seem like everyone else is at the PPUR waiting area! It’s either other tourists have no idea about this tour, or they’re just not that interested. Or maybe, they don’t know how beautiful this forest is. Compared to other Sabang activities like the Ugong Rock Adventures, the mangrove forest tour is a lot less crowded.

The tour guide who will introduce herself as Lady Mangrove will not only show you the beauty of mangrove trees, but will also educate you about their importance in our ecosystem. Mangroves not only serve as a barrier against waves and storms, they are also home to a wide array of animal species. Some of these fascinating wildlife species you might even get to encounter during the tour.

Lady Mangrove will also teach you how to determine whether a mangrove is a male or female by looking at its leaves. The tour ends with a lovely song from the friendly tour guide.

Some quick tips:

Palawan may be known foremost for its collection of pristine beaches. But everyone should also know that it is home to many mangrove forests. In fact, about 40 percent of the mangrove forests in the Philippines can be found in Palawan. This is a good enough reason to pay the mangrove forests in Sabang a visit.

Some places in the Philippines can be enjoyed in a few days trip. Palawan is not one of those. Boracay, for example, can be maximized during a three- or four-day vacation. It’s more than enough to enjoy what it has to offer. But for you to make the most out of your Palawan trip, you need to stay at least for one whole week!

Sabang alone is already replete with so many places to visit and activities to do. This is the location of the Puerto Princesa Underground River (PPUR), which most likely, you would want to see during your vacation in Palawan. After your PPUR tour, there are many other places in Sabang that you should also explore like the astonishing Elephant Cave Karst Mountain.

It is an enormous limestone formation that stands right in front of an expansive rice field. The dramatic panorama that you’ll see when you visit the place is something you would want to wake up to in the morning. It can definitely be at par to the limestone formations that can be found in Krabi, Thailand.

With its immense size and strategic location (it’s right beside the main road), the Elephant Cave Karst Mountain is definitely an ideal rock climbing site. Many of its rock faces are actually suitable for bolting. At this moment, tourist entry inside the cave is not yet allowed. It is still being mapped out, explored and studied by experts. But who knows? In a few years’ time, it might quickly be catapulted to become one of Sabang’s most popular attractions.

Here are some more interesting things about the Elephant Cave Karst Mountain:

Sabang is truly a place of wonder. It has countless bewildering sights that you don’t get to see everyday. Elephant Cave Karst Mountain is one of them. Although tourists are not yet allowed to go inside, the scenic facade is more than enough to give you an enjoyable time.


As many locals and tourists will agree, there’s more to Sabang than the Underground River.  Yes, it is the main highlight of your Sabang vacation, as it is in fact the world’s longest navigable river. It’s also a UNESCO World Heritage Site, that’s been declared one of the New 7 Wonders of Nature. The list of amazing things about this place goes on and on.

But hear this out, Sabang has beautiful beaches, mangrove forests and trails that you simply can’t afford to miss. If you’re an outdoor lover, for sure, you’re going to have fun trekking the Monkey Trail. There are many monkeys that can be found along the trail, hence the name. It is composed of 355 wooden steps and over 380 paved steps. The trail was built by 100 men in only 15 days, pretty amazing, right?

To make sure that you have a safe and worthwhile trekking adventure, be sure to heed these safety tips:

Hiking is one of the best ways to enjoy the wonderful gifts of nature in Sabang. But just make sure that you play it safe and you keep all these hiking tips in mind.

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