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Travel by boat, through a massive cave on the longest underground river in the world.
Declared by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site.
See hundreds of bats, (close your mouth when looking up at the bats) giant monitor lizards, monkeys, python, sea snakes and other wildlife. An ECO-TOURISM adventure.

Natural beauty beyond compare...I like that the tours are now applying individual synchronized audio device for tour participants that significantly minimized noise inside the cave..very educational makes one more aware of the environment and appreciate nature..entertaining too...avoid taking the tour during summer or if you can take the mangrove paddle boat side tour while waiting for the queue..
Emilio De Villa (From Google Reviews)


  • "A dramatic and wonderful view. It is massive inside and not how I imagined it. Truly one of a kind and definitely must see. Be prepared to wait for a long time especially during peak season."

    Tristan Ambrosio (From Google Reviews)

  • "Must see for anyone in Palawan
    Hopefully the Camera tricks guy is there when you are totally worth getting him to do it for you (charge is pay what you want)
    Underground river itself was amazing. Would love to go see it again. Perhaps next time I'm in Palawan :)"

    Darren Malick (From Google Reviews)

  • "This place is awesome!
    your guide takes you 
    on a journey into the underground river, which is filled with rock formations that he'll point out. There's also a fair number of bats while in the river. the guides are super entertaining"

    Jon Chua (From Google Reviews)

  • "We were blessed to enjoy 3 weeks in the area with a dear Filipino friend. One of the many highlights of our trip was sending a day here.  My husband and I were awe struck by the untouched beauty of the area and the underground river experience was amazing!  Would recommend this excursion to anyone.  Would love to go there again someday.  The Filipino people are lovely, friendly and respectful.  We had a delightful time in their country, experiencing everything we possibly could in 3 short weeks!​"

    Jill Petty (From Google Reviews)

  • "The place is beautiful. The underground river itself is more that you like to be there. Enjoy the whole day, it is unforgetable. Was there 2 years ago."

    Bob Hillesum (From Google Reviews)

  • "This is such a unique natural sight and a real highlight of a visit to Palawan. It has become quite touristy and there will be a constant stream of boats going in and out of the river. But that doesn't take away from the formations and the environment. The guides are excellent and it is a very friendly environment.​"

    Michael Turtle (From Google Reviews)